I am currently planning the next set of workshops which will take place in the next few months. If you are interested in attending, please register your email address below. Once dates and locations are confirmed I will be in touch with details.


The 4th Trimester

This workshop is aimed at families with babies under 4 months. It will cover normal baby behaviour, how breastfeeding looks and how it changes during this period, growth spurts and problem solving any issues. It will also look at cultural expectations vs normal baby physiology around sleep, feeding, and extended family expectations.


Breastfeeding and Reflux

Reflux is very often misdiagnosed in young babies, with large numbers of babies being placed on medication when it is not needed. The workshop will cover what reflux is and why there has been a surge in the diagnosis of reflux in the last 25 years. It will look at symptoms which need investigated, common situations which are misdiagnosed, and what happens in the stomach and the oesophagus during reflux. It will also cover root causes of reflux symptoms and how to resolve them naturally. To find out more about my approach you can read my blogs on reflux here: http://mammaeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/reflux-and-breastfeeding.html http://mammaeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/breastfeeding-reflux-stomach-acid-gut.html


Breastfeeding & Allergies

Allergy rates are rising in babies, the most prevalent of which is dairy, and many families find themselves querying allergy although symptoms may not be serious enough to have referral to the allergy clinic. Many breastfeeding mothers find themselves cutting things out of their own diet without guidance to test their instincts about food reactions. This workshop will look at what allergy is and what the research says about it. It will cover information about the link between mum's diet and what passes into breastmilk and why some babies react and others do not, and how babies can be sensitised. It will cover symptoms of allergy vs what may be normal fussy behaviour and how to identify what your baby may be reacting to. 
The next Breastfeeding & Food Sensitivity Workshop is organised for 18th March 2007.  Details and booking available here:

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