How your baby sleeps is a concern for most parents.  Caught between the perceived society norm of a "good" baby who sleeps long stretches, and the reality of a young baby who wakes frequently and needs help getting back to sleep, we're often confused as to what is normal, or if our baby has a sleep problem.  This workshop will look at the ideas behind the perceived norm of how a baby sleeps and what the research says about how a baby sleeps.  It looks at the expected sleeping pattern for a newborn and how this changes over the first year.  It looks at what happens during sleep, and the reason a baby sleeps as it does, and how we can manage the sleep disruption best for a newborn.  As the baby gets older we look at where and how babies get most sleep, and what the research says about how parents get more rest as well. 

This workshop will cover the following:

  • What is normal sleep for a baby?
  • What are they programmed to expect?
  • Where, how, and how long do babies sleep? 
  • What is a safe sleeping environment?
  • How much does this differ from baby to baby?
  • What kind of sleep progression can you expect over the first year?
  • How do parents of young babies sleep?
  • How do parents expectations of baby sleep affect their sleep and health?
  • What can cause extra waking?
  • How can we improve sleep?  (for both parents and babies)

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