Reflux is a very common worry for parents, and is often misdiagnosed in babies.  Research suggests that only 0.9% of children have GORD (reflux disease), yet many babies are being diagnosed with reflux and this commonly sets them on a cycle of medication.  Many times parents feel uncomfortable with this and would like to understand more about reflux and how to help their baby naturally.  

This workshop will discuss the following:

  • What reflux is and what the research and why there has been a surge in the diagnosis of reflux in the last 25 years
  • Symptoms which need investigated and common situations which are misdiagnosed
  • What happens in the stomach and the oesophagus during reflux
  • What medications do in the body
  • Root Causes of Reflux Symptoms and Resolving the Cause
    • What a baby needs for correct digestion
    • How mum and baby's interactions play a role
    • How feeding rhythms affect reflux
    • How positioning, latch and other functional issues can cause reflux symptoms
    • Other causes of silent reflux
    • The role of allergies

It will be an interactive workshop where your questions and concerns around reflux can be discussed.  Although it can't replace a breastfeeding consultation, general guidance around breastfeeding solutions can be discussed as well as next steps to investigate causes of suspected reflux in your baby.

The workshop will be 3 hrs and costs €20.  An introduction can be found in the following blogs:

If you would like to attend the next reflux workshop, please register interest here and I will email you when the next date has been confirmed.